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We are very pleased that you are engaging in the completion of the UNI-SET Employers Questionnaire. This survey is part of the activities of the UNI-SET (UNIversities in the SET-Plan) project, which aims to strengthen the university involvement in, and contribution to, European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan). It is a three-year FP7 Coordination and Support Action that started in September 2014. UNI-SET is coordinated by the European University Association (EUA) and implemented jointly with KU Leuven, representing the universities in KIC InnoEnergy.

We would like to facilitate your task as much as possible and, for this reason, this page provides important contextual information and guidance to address the completion of the survey.

The survey is coordinated by KU Leuven and was designed in cooperation with the five universities of the Third Party Consortium (KIC InnoEnergy).

If you have any questions or if you experience any technical difficulties while using the online tool, please contact us at uni-set@kic-innoenergy.com.

We look forward to and like to thank you in advance for your participation in this survey.

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Employers Survey: Online tool or paper version

Besides this online tool, you can also opt to fill in a paper version. After completing the survey, you can send a scan to uni-set@kic-innoenergy.com.
If you wish to be contacted by phone to fill in the survey (+/- 15-30 minutes), you can contact us at uni-set@kic-innoenergy.com, and we will send your request to our contact persons.

The paper version of the Employers Survey can be downloaded here (pdf).

The Employers Survey in brief

The questionnaire is structured in different parts. First, please provide general information about your organisation and/or your organisation’s department/unit working on energy-related topics, including current staff profiles. Part 3 collects information of the thematic SET-Plan activities your organization is active in.

Part 4 & 5 focus on identifying the skills (technical and non-technical) and professional profiles of graduates needed in the energy field, which is the main purpose of this employers survey.

Context of UNI-SET

UNI-SET is a three-year FP7 project led by EUA in cooperation with the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven) representing the universities in the knowledge and innovation community innoenergy (KIC InnoEnergy). UNI-SET seeks to mobilise the research, educational and innovation capacities of European universities to better contribute to address the EU Energy societal challenges. It also aims to facilitate the creation of multidisciplinary European collaborations between universities for the advancement of knowledge and to address the objectives of the European strategic energy technology plan (SET-Plan), one of the strategic pillars of European energy policy.

To address the education and research needs for the energy sector, the European Commission has recently published respectively the SET-Plan Education and Training Roadmap and the SET-Plan Integrated Roadmap.

UNI-SET and the Employers Survey?

UNI-SET aims at identifying opportunities for universities to engage in new research projects tackling energy-related challenges, and also to foster the creation of new Master and Doctorate programmes according to the evolution of knowledge and technologies for better employability of university graduates. It seeks to contribute to the implementation of the SET-Plan by identifying European universities’ research, education and training capacities in the energy field (UNI-SET Universities Survey). It also seeks to contribute by bringing in the voice of employers indicating the skills needed in the long term (through this survey).

The UNI-SET Employers Survey will address employers in the energy sector, and is a first step in identifying the skills and professional profiles of graduates needed in the energy field. The survey covers both technical and non-technical skills required from the current and future professionals.

In parallel to the implementation of the UNI-SET Employers Survey, KU Leuven and the universities in the Third Party Consortium will each organise a workshop to discuss the needs of the energy sector in a series of live events with representatives from industry and academia.

Why should your organisation or company participate?

Participation in the ‘UNI-SET Employers Survey’ is an opportunity for organisations dealing with energy challenges in Europe to:

  • Get involved in defining the future professional profiles required to meet the 2030 goals of the SET-Plan;
  • Contribute to improve the Master and Doctorate educational programmes to better meet the future profile requirements of the European energy labour market;
  • Stimulate cross-national Master, Doctorate and Research programmes, and to foster multidisciplinary profiles;
  • Identify required trainings for current staff to meet the future challenges in the energy sector;
  • Foster the integration of education, research and business/innovation activities.

What do you need to do?                                   

You can create an account through the register page (alternatively, click on ‘register’ button in the menu bar). If needed, you can change your contact details via this link (or click your e-mail at the top of this page).

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Please note: The web-based questionnaire itself is only available in English. A translation of the questionnaire to Polish language is available for download, as well as supporting tables for multiple-choice questions.

Confidentiality and disclosure policy

The results of this survey will be anonymously processed, in an aggregated manner, without any specific reference to the individuals or organizations involved in the survey. This information will not be used for market research goals. Any contact details will be used to send the summary of results and updates on the project.

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